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Wellington receives an adequate amount of sun hours, as every year there is a gradual increase in the power prices, so switching to off-grid solar power systems is the right choice.

Green Spark supply the best grid-tied, hybrid and off-grid solar P.V systems using German designed inverters and dual glass solar panels, solar battery for the lowest prices possible. Just visit our contact page to arrange a free solar quote. We have one of the best local assessors in Wellington call you and work with you to find the best outcome that exactly fits you. We offer the best solution by considering all the main aspects such as budget, the location of your property, and your requirements in order to provide desired outputs that you are expecting.

Our Wellington Solar Installers are fully qualified electricians with specialist training and experience in off-grid solar power panel installation. We do off-grid solar power installations for tiny houses and batches as well as large homes, farms and lifestyle block up to an industrial size. We even offer quality and reliable solar batteries, solar panels in Wellington. These solar panels are mounted with various options to meet up with your energy needs.

Green Spark Solar offers solar power panel installations in Wellington city, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Porirua, Featherston, Martinborough, Masterton, Paraparaumu, Carteron and all areas in between. We provide information on solar panels, Tesla Powerwalls, LG Lithium batteries, lead-carbon and nanocarbon solar batteries.

Why Choose our Solar Batteries in Wellington:

  • Advanced battery technology
  • Reliable and available at the lowest prices
  • Offers the latest LG Chem Lithium-Ion Batteries

Do you want to speak with our experts to discuss regarding your requirements, then make a call at 0800-2-GO-SOLAR / 0800-2-46-76527 for any off-grid solar power project installations anywhere in NZ or just drop a mail at for queries. We are looking forward to serving our best.

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