How to Keep Warm Using Solar Power

Interestingly, storage heaters often referred to as night stores, are making a comeback these days by solar powered households running them in reverse.

OLSBERGare a top German brand with a reputation for quality. 

What savvy clients do is store the excess solar electricity that they produce from their solar system in the home. Night Stores are full of ceramic bricks specially designed to hold a lot of heat energy. So power them up during the day when the panels are roaring away and let  the Night Store heat your home at night using free energy from the sun.

mitsubishi Electric  Heat Pumps

Everyone knows this trusted brand, famous for making the top class heat pumps available on the market today. Heat pumps are very efficient at turning solar electricity into heat. They can be set in the afternoon during daylight hours, on a low setting to gradually heat the house up so when you get home it is nice and toasty and minimises your night time use of heating power.