Zeversolar inverters are a German designed and German quality controlled product. Zeversolar is part of the German SMA group, a European electronics giant founded in 1981 with over 5000 employees.  By making full use of Chinese efficiency and manufacturing capacity, Zeversolar is able to provide a highly engineered and economical inverter that combines the best of both worlds.

All Zeversolar inverters are covered by the world wide SMA warranty and guarantee, which is independent of any installer.

Zeversolar grid tied inverters are the most modern design on the market, at only 10kg  they are much smaller and lighter than other brands.

They make use of  the latest technological developments such as High Frequency Switching instead of the older use of a rotating transformer with its corresponding electrical buzzing noise,heat and vibration issues. Zeversolar inverters are extremely quiet and efficient with only 15decibels, which is below normal human hearing.

Zeversolar uses  wifi for remote monitoring and automatic software updates. It also has a digital display on the front of the unit so you can keep track of all the Kilowatts you are producing at any time, and even produce graphs of your output.

Solar Panels

Although there are many solar panels in the market one type stands out - Trina Duomax M+.

Trina Duomax M+ is the only panel available that uses Dual Glass technology. Unlike plastic panels promoted by competitors, Dual Glass means both sides of the panel are encapsulated in heat strengthened glass, giving it a maximum fire resistance rating plus improved strength against New Zealand winds.

TrinaDuomax panels have done away with the old aluminium frames to make a smooth, streamlined appearance with brilliant aesthetic results and no need for electrical grounding. Metal frames are a chief cause of Potential Induced Degradation PID and snail trails through the Silicon . By removing them they have done away with the need to brush away dust that can accumulate in the corner of the frames.

The difference in appearance is a bit like a smart phone vs. a dumb phone from 20 years ago.

Duomax panels have a longer warranty than other panel types - 30 years guarantee on the output of the panels. They are highly resistant to microscopic damage during transport or high wind conditions.

They also have PERC technology, that allows them to capture reflected light within the panel, making a major difference in low light conditions.